36 Acres in Sonoma

The Napa Valley is the main wine growing region of the the United States and one of the major wine territories in the world. Marked by it’s luscious landscape and Mediterranean-style climate, the Bay Area boasts one of the premier viticultural regions around the globe. Needless to say with over 400 wineries in the valley, it’s pretty understood if there is fertile space, the land owner would obviously harvest the soil and produce full-bodied Cabernets or buttery Chardonnays, right?

Cornerstone Sonoma and the Gardens perch on 36 gorgeous acres off of Highway 121 in Sonoma. The property is not perfectly aligned with rows of vines like much of the surrounding rolling hills; it is a unique vintner’s Disneyland complete with spectacularly manicured gardens, one-of-a-kind boutique style shopping, a mouthwatering restaurant, three sip-and-savoring wine tasting landmarks, an urban craft distillery tasting room, and a test kitchen from Sunset Magazine. Can’t find enough to do?! The Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau has a visitor’s center onsite to help educate you on your next exploration.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Cornerstone Sonoma!




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