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me-6261-copy California native Ashley grew up with adventure in her veins. Being the youngest of three kids has shaped her competitive spirit and she’s never met a challenge she didn’t think she couldn’t tackle. Growing up in rural Brentwood instilled her love for community and the environment. Then she ventured to Berkeley and San Francisco where she was surrounded by nomads, transplants, scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and the French! Margot and Helene, Ashley’s roommates were both from France and had always traveled and floated where the wind took them. Ashley wanted to see with her own eyes what her roommates raved about, and it wasn’t until she met John that that dream came true. Now she teaches art to high schoolers during the week and seeks adventure and the best martini by weeks end.


Also a California native from the small and beautiful town of Auburn, John’s journey began as a child, enjoying fun-filled vacations around the country with his family. Moving to southern California for college, John loved exploring the various and unique opportunities that abound in the vast Los Angeles area. Further travel opportunities combined with a keen eye for photography, John loved capturing special moments in places that will forever elicit wonderful memories. A few of his favorite worldwide places include Capri and the Cinque Terre. That being said, and one impetus for starting Martini Within Reach is his love for the beauty and amazing landscape that exists here in Northern California, specifically from the Lake Tahoe to San Francisco Bay Area. He loves day and weekend trips, so anything within a car’s ride from the capitol city is on his radar! Working and residing in Midtown Sacramento, John loves to spend time with Ashley tasting his favorite cuisines and finding great places for relaxation, riding bicycles, viewing architecture, and adventure.