Malibu Cafe

Los Angeles can be overwhelming; too many people, too many cars, too much (it can seem) of everything. Sometimes you even get fed up with the monotony of warmth and sunshine, yes SUNSHINE, and want a change of weather and seasons much of the country experiences. While weekend trips to Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, or Northern California can help you escape, I challenge you to locate some of the best local LA gems to repair your frayed weekly nerves. I found one in Malibu.

Tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains you’ll discover a playground of charmingly manicured grounds of the Calamigos Ranch. While the Malibu you know likely involves lofty descriptions of the beach, surfers, the colony, Pepperdine, and the pier, the Malibu you should also get to know involves an oasis among trees, paddleboats, barbecue aromas, and life-sized board games. Get to know the Malibu Cafe.

Brunch all day with the chicken and waffles and explore the property, (that has multiple bars) order, and sip on a tasty margarita aptly  the ‘Clooney’. Walk and talk while experiencing a  ‘placemaking’ dream come true with multiple instagrammable moments throughout. How many places have you visited that have an outdoor pool table with rustic chandelier overhead? This is my first.

Write your dream on the ‘Before I Die’ chalkboard, snap a photo in front of the #MalibuCafe signage, or crop your crew in the larger than life picture frame with the same hashtag. Grab a game of ping pong, chess in the life-sized edition, or tic-tac-toe. Challenge your partner to a game of corn hole and make the loser solely power the paddleboat ride.

You know LA. You know the stresses. Take a drive on the PCH to The Malibu Cafe for a chic atmosphere and delicious meal.

327 Latigo Canyon Rd., Malibu, 90265